Monday, 12 February 2018

Leyton Post Office Closure: New Franchise Location

Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow writes this week in her 'Working for Walthamstow' newsletter "The Post Office have written to me this week to confirm they are now moving the Leyton Post Office on Lea Bridge road to the currently vacant premises previously known as Pound + Plaza at 609-611 Lea Bridge Road where it would be run as part of a new business by "AZ Bargains". They state this change is being made as part of the continuing modernisation of their network and that five responses to their consultation on this proposal were received. The old Post Office building will close on Thursday 22nd Marchand the new franchise is due to open on Friday 23rd March."

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Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Monday 12th February - hosting the Waltham Forest Young Advisors in Parliament to showcase their work. Please note parliament is on recess this week and so there will be no votes. 
  • Friday 16th February - visiting the new housing developments in the Blackhorse Road area.
  • Saturday 17th February - joining the celebrations for the 25th Anniversary of the Walthamstow Christian Kitchen.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Indycube Walthamstow formal opening on Hoe Street.

Next Friday 9th February Indycube will be formally opening their new home in Walthamstow at the former Co-op Bank on Hoe Street.

Helping bring Indycube, the union for self employed people and workspace provider, to our community is part of our ongoing efforts to help support Walthamstow residents to build a modern economy that works for all. 

Anyone can join Indycube for free until April 2018 and enjoy the benefits of their services including factoring and legal advice - please drop in between 4.30pm to 7.30pm to the space at the old Co-operative Bank on Hoe Street in Walthamstow to find out more about working there. 

Stella Creasy, Labour and Cooperative MP for Walthamstow, says "I'm pleased to say we will be joined by Matthew Taylor of the Royal Society of Arts who is leading the Government review into self employment, so it is an ideal opportunity for any Walthamstow resident to contribute to his thinking on this issue too. 

"Self employed residents are not the only ones in our community facing economic problems in Walthamstow. 

Click here to download and share our local leaflet about debt advice and universal credit.

"​In May 2018 as many as 20,000 residents will be moved onto the Universal Credit, facing a reduction in income and complex paperwork.

"We'll be running workshops in March to help residents who may be affected to help raise awareness and to support those struggling with personal debt in our community. If you would like to help please do get in touch.

"Together we can help protect Walthamstow from the impact of austerity and support an economy that works for all."

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Monday 29th January - attending a public meeting in support of efforts to change the legislation governing the use of prior sexual history in allegations of sexual assault and then speaking at the North East London Fabians launch. 
  • Wednesday 31st January - supporting a motion calling for the restoration of the House of Commons to begin, following evidence that the continued delay is leading to further cost to the public purse. 
  • Friday 2nd February - running the Our Streets, Our Schools, Our Safety event for local young people. See below for details. 
  • Saturday 3rd February- supporting Labour candidates in Chingford for the Council elections. 
  • Sunday 4th February - appearing on the Peston on Sunday programme.


Our Streets, Our Schools, Our Safety: Youth led Workshop

On Friday 2nd February during the daytime, I will be running a workshop for young people and those who work with them in Walthamstow to share their concerns, thoughts and ideas about staying safe and well in our area.

This interactive event will be an opportunity for young people in Walthamstow to explore issues around gang involvement, knife crime, stop and search, sexual harassment and assault with a range of organisations including the police, local businesses, the Council and youth organisations.

If you would like your school or organisation to participate, please call my office on 020 8521 1223 or email Jess.

I would also like to congratulate St Mary’s Primary School which has won £95,600 of funding from the Department for Education to support their work improving children’s attainment.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Monday 22nd January - Wednesday 24th January - in Strasbourg at the Council of Europe as part of the cross party group of MPs representing the UK on this official body. In addition to voting on behalf of the UK parliament, I will be speaking on refugee rights in the plenary sessions and also meeting with other European MPs to discuss anti semitism, sexual harassment, reproductive rights and Brexit as well as the role of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Please note my Walthamstow office will remain open during this period and I am in regular contact with my staff team should any emergencies arise.
  • Thursday 25th January - returning from Strasbourg and then taking part in the public meeting on education at Waltham Forest Town Hall. Details below.
  • Friday 26th January - holding an appointment only residents advice surgery. To make an appointment please call 0208 521 1223.

Public Meeting on Education in E17 - Thursday 25th January 

The future of our local education services are a source of concern for many residents, with fears about the consequences of Government cuts to school budgets, the impact of gang crime and anti social behaviour on young people, sexual harassment and the provision of relationship education in schools and the future of apprenticeships, further and higher education all being topics recently raised with me. On Thursday 25th January from 7.30pm there will be a public meeting about schools and colleges in Waltham Forest which is open to all residents, including School Leaders, Governors and staff, young people, union leaders, parent campaigners and Local Authority Officers at Waltham Forest Town Hall. The discussion will centre on the challenges our schools face this year and how Waltham Forest as a community can face these. The event will be chaired by the Leader of the Waltham Forest Council, Cllr Clare Coghill and the panel will include myself, Cllr Grace Williams, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People and others to be confirmed. To help with the logistics of this event please RSVP in advance if you would like to attend.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Monday 15th January - meeting with local groups to discuss how we can plan for the impact of universal credit on Walthamstow.
  • Tuesday 16th January - taking part in the debates on the EU Withdrawal Bill and then hosting the Come Dine With MP dinner with June Sarpong. Details here of how you can take part.
  • Thursday 18th January - helping run a training session for Walthamstow Labour members at the CLP GC on how to tackle debt in our community with Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Debbie Abrahams. This meeting is open to all Labour Party members. 
  • Saturday 20th January - supporting the Fawcett Society Fundraiser in Walthamstow. See below for details of this event. 
  • Sunday 21st January - speaking at the Time's Up Rally in central London on tackling sexual harassment and then heading to Strasbourg to participate in the Council of Europe on behalf of the UK.

Fawcett Society Fundraiser- Saturday 20th January

There will be a fundraiser at Pillars Brewery on the Ravenswood Industrial Estate on Saturday 20th January from 7pm to celebrate the centenary of the first votes for women. There will be an evening of comedy and music, and 10% of all profits will be donated to the Fawcett Society. You can book tickets online here.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Tuesday 19th December - raising concerns about the lack of provision of mental health services for young people in health questions and then taking part in the Finance Bill debate to raise the 'Ladydata' campaign to secure gender impact assessments of the Government's economic policies 
  • Wednesday 20th December - Debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill continues. Again this debate is likely to continue late into the night. I will also be hosting the Come Dine with MP dinner with Chuka Umunna - details below of how you can win this ballot. 
  • Thursday 21st December - joining the christmas party for older residents at the Community Hub on Orford Road. 
  • Friday 22nd December- this is the last day my office will be open until Tuesday 2nd January 2018. During the Christmas break you can reach me on this email address or in emergencies please call the Council switchboard on 020 8496 3000 who will be able to contact me. The e-newsletter will resume on the first week of January 2018. Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year to all Walthamstow residents!

Win Dinner with Chuka or June in our 
'Come Dine With MP' Ballot

To help raise funds for our local campaigning, Walthamstow Labour Party hosts a regular ballot to win dinner with myself and a special guest. The Come Dine With MP dinners take place in central London and tickets for the ballot start from just £3 - you can win dinner with Chuka Umunna MP, the former Shadow Business Secretary and Chair of Vote Leave Watch, on Wednesday 20th January and with June Sarpong, TV presenter and author, on Tuesday 16th January 2018. You can buy your tickets for this ballot online here.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Monday 11th December- raising the "LadyData" campaign in parliament as part of the Finance Bill - please see below for details. Please note this debate is likely to continue late into the evening. 
  • Tuesday 12th December - speaking in the EU Withdrawal Bill debate about the value of freedom of movement. Again this debate is likely to run late into the evening. 
  • Wednesday 13th December - Debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill continues. Again this debate is likely to continue late into the night. Please note that due to staff shortages my office will be closing at 4:00pm on this date. 
  • Friday 15th December - Visiting the school for the winner of my christmas card competition and then spending the day with the Metropolitan Police as part of the 'walk the met' project. 
  • Saturday 16th December- dropping into the Gnome House Winter Warmer event.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Monday 4th December- the EU Withdrawal Bill returns to parliament. This debate is likely to continue late into the night. 
  • Tuesday 5th December - attending the Political Studies Association Awards. 
  • Wednesday 6th December - Debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill continues. Again this debate is likely to continue late into the night. 
  • Thursday 7th December - dropping into the Willowfield Citizenship session, then the Fundraiser for the Christian Kitchen and then helping to host the Labour and Cooperative Housing Campaign Fundraiser. Details below of how to join. 
  • Saturday 9th December- heading to Calais with the Warmth from Walthamstow donations. Please see below for details of how you can contribute to help refugees.

Help Protect Refugees and Freedom of Movement: 
Video to Watch and Share

Freedom of Movement has given British and EU citizens opportunities that have changed their lives. Now it’s under threat as part of the Brexit negotiations - residents in Walthamstow have helped make a short film of people who know first-hand the difference it has made to help show this impact. Thank you to all those who took part in making this film. Please help us fight to ensure the Government does not behind closed doors remove these rights, or the rights covering refugees and child refugees who are eligible to come to the UK via the Dubs transfer scheme by sharing this short film on your social media. 

Please also ask friends and family who live in other areas of Britain to watch this film and to share it with their MP and ask them to sign Amendment 332 to the EU Withdrawal Bill. 

A reminder too, that on Saturday 9th December I will be travelling to Calais to take donations of warm clothes and bedding equipment to refugees sleeping rough in Northern France. If you would like to donate items for refugees please bring them to my office at 23 Orford Road E17 9NL before Friday 8th December during office hours.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Tuesday 28th November- attending the Waltham Forest Police Commendation Ceremony and then speaking at the Tower Hamlets Labour Party Campaign Fundraiser 
  • Thursday 30th November - helping to host a fundraising quiz for Sarcoma UK.
  • Friday 1st December- attending parliament to support the parliamentary constituencies amendment bill and then attending the public meeting on crime and anti social behaviour in Walthamstow. Details below. 
  • Saturday 2nd December - attending the Barncroft Christmas Fayre and then the Side by Side Refugee Fundraiser at St Marys Church.

Crime in Walthamstow: Letter to the Mayor's Office, Acid Attack Consultation and Public Meeting

This week I have written formally to the Deputy Mayor for Policing to ask for her assistance to ensure Walthamstow has the community policing it needs in the months ahead to tackle gang crime. If you would like to see this letter and my request for their help you can see it on my facebook page here. Please do follow this page for updates on issues such as this during the week between these e-newsletters.

In addition to extra police on our streets and in light of the recent rise in acid attacks, there is now growing support for the introduction of a new offence preventing the sale of products with the most harmful corrosive substances to under 18s. This is intended to be similar to the existing knife legislation and is in response to the significant proportion of known offenders who are under 18. Introducing this offence would make it harder for under 18s to obtain products containing the most harmful corrosive substances that are of particular concern and which are being used as weapons to inflict serious harm and severe life changing injuries. You can comment on these proposals here.

On Friday 1st December, I will also be attending a public meeting in Higham Hill, organised by Cllr Karen Bellamy, with the Leader of Waltham Forest Council Cllr Clare Coghill and Borough Commander Richard Tucker. The meeting will take place at Whittingham Primary School and doors will open at 6.30pm.