Thursday, 1 December 2016

Chingford & Woodford Green CLP fundraiser quiz with Neil Gerrard - Sunday 11th Dec

 Come and join Chingford & Woodford Green Labour Party on Sunday 11th December 2016 for a bit of fun and the opportunity to raise money for the local Party
All Saints Church Hall, Church Avenue, Highams Park E4 9QD
  • Doors open at 7.30pm 
  • The quiz starts at 8.00pm
  • £10 per person (Light refreshments included but do bring your own drinks and glasses)
Former Walthamstow MP, Neil Gerrard, will be quizmaster for the evening

Booking essential to reserve your place. Pay on the door.
  • phone 07504 739520, 02085319836 
  • or email m.dore27@ntlworld.com 
Organised by Chingford and Woodford Green Labour Party, E4 6LP

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Saturday 19th November- speaking at a trade union conference on hate crime in Bedford. 
  • Monday 20th November- co-sponsoring amendments to the Higher Education Bill to prevent students being retrospectively charged higher costs for student loans
  • Wednesday 23rd November- attending the Autumn Statement debate in parliament
  • Thursday 24th November- discussing funding for nursery education in Walthamstow with local providers and supporting an event regarding Cooperative Councillors. See below for more details. 
  • Friday 25th November- speaking at a breakfast seminar on workplace change, supporting the Salaam Peace bike ride in Walthamstow and holding an appointment only advice surgery for local residents. To book an appointment please call 020 8521 1223.
Becoming a Coop Councillor: Event for Local Labour and Cooperative Members  

On Thursday 24th November, Waltham Forest Co-op Party are holding a ‘Be a Co-op Councillor’ evening in Walthamstow. This is an event for Labour and Co-operative party members in Waltham Forest who are interested in standing as Labour and Co-operative candidates at the next London local elections in May 2018. 

As well as Labour and Cooperative MPs who represent the cooperative tradition within the Labour movement, there are also hundreds of Labour and Cooperative councillors around Britain. This event will be a great opportunity to hear about the role of the Co-op in local government and more generally what it is like to be a Councillor, and how Labour Party and Co-op Party selections work. If you are interested in attending this event, then please register online so that the organisers can get an idea of the numbers, as space is limited. 

Online registration and further venue details here: http://party.coop/be-a-cllr-wal-for.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Monday 7th November - attending the Prime Ministers statement in parliament regarding the high court ruling on triggering Article 50 and then speaking at a debate at the Royal Geological Society on the impact of Brexit on London.
  • Thursday 10th November - taking part in a discussion at the National Theatre on gender politics to discuss the outcome of the American presidential elections. 
  • Saturday 12th November- running a women's leadership workshop at the Fawcett Society conference in central London. 
  • Sunday 13th November- taking part in Remembrance Sunday in Walthamstow at the Town Hall.

Interested in becoming a Labour Councillor? 'Be a councillor' events

Labour Councillors play a vital role in their communities and can make a real difference to people’s daily lives. The Labour Party needs people of vision, leadership, integrity, ambition and commitment to help deliver strong leadership and quality public services. If you think this could be you but you would like more information and the opportunity to discuss with serving councillors, the London Labour Party is working with the Local Government Association to deliver a number of Be a Councillor Events. This will cover the role of a councillor and the process to become one either in the near future or later on.
The first of these will take place on 5 November and there will be another taking place at the London Regional Conference on 12 November with further dates specifically for women members and young members later this year. To register for any of these events please sign up on http://www.labourinlondon.org.uk/events

Please email london2016@labour.org.uk or phone 020 7783 1170 if you have any questions. An agenda and further information will be sent out to all delegates and visitors closer to the day.

There will also be local 'Be a councillor' events specific to Waltham Forest. More details here soon.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Butterfields Estate - Dolphin Living completes purchase. No evictions of tenants for at least 5 years

Residents of the Butterfields estate, and those who have been following the case with much concern, will be pleased to hear that Dolphin Living - a charitable housing association established in 2005 - carries the following news on its website today:

"Today we announce the completion of the acquisition of the long leases of 49 homes on Walthamstow’s Butterfields Estate. The vendor is the private company Butterfields E17; Glasspool Trust will remain the Freeholder of the Estate.

"This announcement follows an agreement between Butterfields E17, the Greater London Authority, local Member of Parliament, Stella Creasy, and the London Borough of Waltham Forest over the future ownership of 49 properties, and how best to secure its residents’ immediate future on the Estate."

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Sunday 30th October- participating in the We17 Community Cohesion Women's Dinner in support of the Forest Nightshelter.
  • Monday 31st October- taking part in Home Office questions to continue to press the Government to help the children in Calais
  • Tuesday 1st November- supporting Walthamstow Labour Party Secretary Phil Creasy and Waltham Forest Coop Chair Andy Dixon as they give evidence to the Boundary Commission about the importance of keeping the Walthamstow constituency together and meeting the National Audit Office to discuss my concerns about PFI. 
  • Thursday 3rd November- attending the Waltham Forest Coop Fundraiser with special guest Chuka Umunna MP which is to help support the campaigning work the Cooperative party is doing on refugees and housing in Walthamstow. All local residents welcome- to buy tickets see the link below.
Waltham Forest Coop Fundraiser: The keynote speaker at this event will be Former Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Ummuna MP and ticket prices include a three course indian meal. 

or by contacting the organisers directly on coopcampaignse17@gmail.com 
or ringing or texting the campaign's office 07957228019.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Sunday 23rd October- appearing on the Sky Murnaghan programme to discuss the situation in Calais 
  • Tuesday 25th October - speaking at an event on tackling misogyny and hate crime organised by Nottingham University and then hosting the discussion on how to support the Yazidi community in their quest for justice following the actions of Daesh. See below for more details. 
  • Friday 28th October- attending parliament to support the Homelessness Reduction bill and then speaking in Colchester at the Civic Oyster Festival 
  • Sunday 30th October- participating in the We17 Community Cohesion Women's Dinner in support of the Forest Nightshelter - for more details and tickets please see below.

Many residents are concerned about what is happening in Iraq and Syria. As part of supporting those brutalised by Daesh, I will be hosting a parliamentary meeting in the House of Commons on Tuesday 25th October alongside local Walthamstow campaign 'UK Supports Yazidi Women and Girls'. The meeting will be to discuss what the UK government can do to help women and children who have escaped sexual slavery and torture at the hands of Daesh and are now living in unsafe refugee camps with little to no medical care or psychological support. For more information or to get involved please email eventsukyazidi@gmail.com

In the light of concerns about community cohesion and to promote and encourage women's leadership within Walthamstow, there will be a special We17 community dinner from 7pm on Sunday 30th October. This event is to bring women of all ages and all backgrounds together and to raise funds for our local homelessness night shelter, the Forest Nightshelter. I hope women in Walthamstow will be join me at this special evening to help break down barriers within our community - tickets are £10 each and this will take place at 455 Chingford Road. To book a ticket or find out more please contact the organisers Fatima 07552 611843 Roshan ben 07460 542172 and Ruquyya 07872 479069.

Friday, 21 October 2016

'Not a refugee problem but a political problem' - Stella Creasy MP in tonight's Standard

Susannah Butter writes in tonight's Evening Standard 'MP Stella Creasy has led the fight to bring the children of Calais to London. As the first wave to arrive sparks a row over age, she tells Susannah Butter why she will take the grief to get it right'

"What’s happening in Calais is a legal process" says Creasy. "The children are being extensively checked. The idea that we’ve gone ‘let’s just let them all over and figure out what to do later’ is not the case. It’s important that when a process like this has been put in place, we acknowledge it and support it.”

So why are the refugees overwhelmingly male? “The children that have come here so far are ‘Dublin’ kids, But a lot of the girls are Dubs so there are around 40 of them still in Calais, in limbo, waiting to be processed.” She’s referring to the EU Dublin III regulation, which allows a child to come to Britain if they have family here, and the Dubs amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill that allows unaccompanied children to be offered safe refuge in the UK if it is in their best interests. The Dubs amendment was passed in May but the infrastructure to enforce it is still being implemented."

Full article here

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Chuka Ummuna at Waltham Forest Co-op Party curry night November 3rd

Chuka Umunna Labour MP for Streatham joins Labour and Cooperative MP for Walthamstow Stella Creasy for a Curry evening hosted by Waltham Forest branch Cooperative Party to raise funds to support the party's local campaigning.

This is on Thursday 3rd November at Waltham Forest Community Hub 18A Orford Road E17 9LN (map). 

Doors open at 8pm. There will be a three course curry meal (with vegetarian options), a donations bar and raffle.

Tickets are £25, with concessions for unwaged, £80 for groups of 4, and £150 for groups of 8.

Book: online at Billetto, by email, or by call / text to: 07957 228019

Where, this week, to find Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow

  • Monday 17th October- returning to parliament to continue the fight for child refugees 
  • Tuesday 18th October - attending a memorial service. Please note my office will remain open for queries. 
  • Thursday 20th October- taking part in a statutory instrument debate on the Misuse of Drugs Act and then speaking at the Northwood and Pinner Labour Party fundraiser
  • Friday 21st October- holding an appointment only residents advice surgery - to request an appointment please call 020 8521 1223. 
  • Saturday 22nd October- running a session at the Why? Festival to encourage young people to take part in political campaigning. More details can be found here.